How is Burleson Connection Different than Other Referral Companies or "Lists"
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The Difference!

Burleson Connection is not like other referral companies that have contractors that are "pre-screened".  In nearly every case, referral companies do not even know the companies that are on their list, so how could they possibly truly refer them?  There is absolutely no accountability and the home owner will be called by multiple contractors from all over the state.  Anyone can sign up to get leads from these companies, no matter the reputation.  There is no risk on the part of the referral company, because they collect money from many contractors for the same lead.  They are not accountable if the contractor does a shoddy job or destroys someone's home for that matter.  Burleson Connection HAS to refer quality contractors and interact with them or everything falls apart and the reputation of the group and each individual contractor will suffer.

Some have compared us to Angie's List, but there are some major differences. Although Angie's List may have a better "referral" type element to it than the "referral services", there is no regulatory system, so the "grades" can be easily skewed. 

How does one reputable company who has been in business for over 20 years have no grade at all on Angie's List, while some companies have a couple of hundred report cards?  The only difference is that the company with many report cards are proactive about asking their clients to write a testimonial.  If there is a bad report from someone, then all the good grades will bring the overall grade up.  On the flip side, because most people only take the time to write complaints, a company with a spotless reputation that does not proactively have their happy clients write testimonials, can look like a bad company for upsetting one person.  However, if Burleson Connection doesn't have a contractor to meet your needs, Angie's List would tend to be the next obvious place to look.

Burleson Connection chooses ONE contractor from each field of service to represent the group. Burleson Connection does not make money from the leads produced by the website.  As a matter of fact, each contractor has a webpage that does not hide their identity or contact information, so we don't even know personally how many leads each contractor gets.  When scheduling an appointment, you contact the contractor directly.  Any forms or phone numbers on their webpage will go directly to them.  However, Burleson Connection has a personal relationship with each contractor and our contractors meet with each other and hold each other accountable for the reputation of the group.  Burleson Connection is the regulatory system for the group.  If a company associated with the group gets complaints and it doesn't get handled properly, we hold that contractor accountable and can and will remove them from the group if the less than desirabe service continues.

If any problems arise or someone wants to make a comment about how enjoyable their experience was with their contractor or our group, then we have made it possible for those clients to contact us directly to let us know how they are doing.  Simply go to Questions-Kudos-Complaints and let us know!