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Burleson Connection has hand-selected ONE local Burleson Texas area contractor from each type of home service.  Each contractor is held accountable by the entire group, which gives Burleson Tx the safest place to hire a contractor.
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Burleson Connection

What is Burleson Connection?

Burleson Connection is a free service for the Burleson Texas area residents.  We have hand-selected home service contractors from the Burleson Texas area that were chosen for their dedication to quality and a long-time reputation as having the highest integrity.  It is the safest place to hire a home service contractor in Burleson Tx, because each contractor is held to a higher standard and is regulated by Burleson Connection.

It is difficult to know who to trust when it comes to home services and Burleson Connection has made it easy for Burleson Tx residents.  We have selected one contractor from each field of home service that we felt best represented their trade.  They are local, which means they either live in Burleson Tx, have a business in Burleson Tx, or have a large satisfied client base throughout Burleson.  Read how we are different than Angie's List and other referral services.

Accountability Makes the Difference!

The most important element is the accountability factor that our contractors have with each other.  Burleson Connection is not just a bunch of individual contractors, they also act as one entity and hold each other accountable.  Accountability makes all the difference when it comes to choosing a contractor.  There is no way to know by looking at an ad, or even by meeting with a contractor that you don't know professionally or personally, whether or not they will get the job done right or will keep the highest moral integrity. Which is why we say "If you don't already know someone you trust.....trust the connection!"

Each contractor was approached only after learning of their reputation.  They have agreed to act as a group and be accountable for their actions.  If a contractor is found bringing scrutiny on the group, either through a lack of quality or personal integrity, then Burleson Connection will sever the connection with that particular contractor.  The contractors associated with Burleson Connection are on board with this agreement and they appreciate the extra accountability associated with the group.

Our elite home service contractors have also agreed to:

Meet on a regular basis as a group to see how they can improve
Hold each other to a higher standard
Make decisions as a group concerning issues that may arise
REFER each other to insure their clients are always taken care of properly

Local Burleson Texas residents also have a place to complain if a Burleson Connection contractor did not perform up to expectation.  Burleson Texas residents may contact us and a representative will contact you to help resolve the problem.  Our contractors have agreed that their clients will be 100% satisfied and it is important that there is a third party element in place to make sure that happens consistently.

We at Burleson Connection believe you will love and appreciate the contractors that we have selected to be a part of this elite group.
Burleson Tx Contractors
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